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In 2009 the first annual Cairo Jazz Festival (CJF) was founded by pianist, composer and producer Amro Salah driven by the passion to celebrate Jazz and paying tribute to one of the unique forms of music that magically diffuses and overwhelms humans all over the planet from Alaska to New Zealand. Jazz has become a global phenomenon and has affected humanity due to its being a human experience more than being a Music style.


Cairo Jazz Festival aims to widespread  Jazz to reach more people not only as a music genre but as a thought and a life experience with its ideas, freedom of expression and innovation. The festival managed to maintain a reputation of presenting the best of the world’s Jazz. CJF hosted on its stage Jazz with Spanish, German, Japanese, Moroccan, American, Portuguese and Lebanese flavors featuring famous Jazz Masters such as Gilberto Gil, Ziad Rahbani, Carles Benavent, Kazumi Watanabe and Han Bennink and fresh wild modern Jazz of the E.M.J.O to World Jazz Sound of Eftekasat and Calima.


We have long before had the vision to hold a national but international music festival carrying the name of the city which has been and still remains to be one of the leading cities of culture and art in the world.


We proudly present to you the Cairo International Jazz Festival conceived on the banks of the eternal Nile. 

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